Inside Out Project Taiwan, a participator of the Inside Out Project - a global art project initiated by TED and French artist JR. Inside Out Project Taiwan was completed in 2012. A total number of 108 huge portraits are posted on a riverbank to express a simple message "台灣加油 (Taiwan, keep it up)" for the sake of encouraging its viewers.  


Pass on our faith through the photos, we believe Taiwan can be better. We ended up with using 120 posters to form four Chinese characters on the embankments. The meaning of the characters can be translated as "Taiwan, keep it up!"", which is for the purpose of encouraging the viewers from the depressing fact we face in politic and economy. Although the action is proceeded by only two persons and the posters are eventually forced to be taken down, the rest of the participators and many of the others have shown great acknowledgement and interest in the project itself. Most importantly, it is witnessed that some positive impact is produced on the fellow people.



We are greatly glad to be chosen as one of the best actions by the official Inside Out Project team :D




More portraits can be seen on official INSIDE OUT PROJECT website; or find us on our Facebook page

(In video soundtrack credit: Rising by Manuzik Lena Selyanina - Elegy by Saevus)